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Cremation Services

Cremation Services

If you are considering cremation, it is important to know several different options are available which often help bridge the gap between long held traditions and current ideology.

A licensed funeral director will meet with you at our funeral home, or in the comfort of your home, depending on the family’s needs and location. The funeral director will go over available options and have you sign the necessary authorizations. Based on the services chosen, our staff will take care of all paperwork, preparations for the service, overseeing the service, obituary placement, and a variety of other tasks.

Direct Cremation - $1638.00                                                                    (Certain situations require an additional $50.00 Medical Examiner fee) 

Direct cremation is what most people think of when they think of cremation. This is where the decedent is cremated without being embalmed and the cremated remains returned to the family.  

Our Direct Cremation includes the following

•Services of Funeral Director and Staff 

•A proportionate share of overhead costs 

•Transfer of remains to funeral home within 50 miles                            

•Alternative Container (item required for cremation process)  


•Processing of Death Certificate       

•A simple wooden urn

•Delivery of cremated remains to family (within 50 miles)

Cremation with Services - Starting at $2953.00

Some of the cremation service options we offer

•Graveside Service


•Memorial / Celebration of Life

•Scattering at Sea


•Memorial Packages (Memorial Cards, Memorial Programs, etc…)

Traditional Cremation – Starting at $5179.00

Traditional Cremation is when the deceased is embalmed and placed in a casket allowing for a viewing/visitation and funeral. The deceased is taken for cremation following the service instead of to the cemetery for burial. The cremated remains are returned to the family at a later date, or we can arrange for burial/scattering of the cremated remains. 

Traditional cremation often allows for two things: 

     1)  The look and feel of a traditional funeral but at a lower cost due to the             option of not having to buy a burial plot, outer burial container, etc...

     2)  Families often find traditional cremation to be a beautiful way of                      honoring family/religious traditions along with the deceased’s wishes              to be cremated.

We offer a selection of cremation caskets and a solid wood rental casket.  

     • Cremation caskets are typically made of particle board and are covered         in a wood look veneer or cloth. The body will remain in the casket and           be cremated together.

     • The rental casket is a solid wood shell and a new, self-contained,                   upholstered insert is installed with each use. The body will be                         cremated in the upholstered insert.

Some things to know and consider with cremation

The State of NC requires a minimum of 24 hours from time of death*, a death certificate signed by an authorized medical professional (and possibly authorization of a Medical Examiner), and Cremation Authorization forms completed by the legal next of kin before cremation can take place.        *24hr waiting period may be waived in certain rare situations by appropriate authorities. 

The legal next of kin must complete the cremation authorization forms. We understand that each family is different and special circumstances may apply; however, we must do everything we can to locate the legal next of kin to proceed with cremation. 

For example:

•  You are separated but not divorced from your spouse, even if it’s been many years, the spouse is still your legal next of kin. (See POA/HCPOA information below)

•  If the next of kin are three adult children, and two are estranged from the family, we must attempt to locate them before proceeding with cremation. (See POA/HCPOA information below)

Families are sometimes complicated which can add more stress, confusion or embarrassment during this difficult time. We pride ourselves on being respectful, non-judgmental, and keeping all information you share with us private.

Cremation may be put on hold for 10 days while attempting to locate the legal next of kin. 

A $100.00 per day “Sheltering of Remains” fee may apply while we await legal authorization to cremate.

Power of Attorney [POA] and/or Health Care Power of Attorney [HCPOA]. For cremation/funeral arrangement purposes, the POA or HCPOA must contain a clause allowing the POA to make decisions/arrange for “Final Disposition”. If you have a POA and/or a HCPOA be sure to look over it to confirm this clause is included. It is very common for people to assume their POA/HCPOA covers funeral arrangements, but unfortunately, many times they don’t.

Cremation Authorization forms can be completed by a person who has chosen cremation for themselves prior to their death.

Prices are subject to change.  These prices do not include sales tax or cash advances. This is just a few of the services that we are proud to provide. Please feel free to call us for a complete General Price List that will include all services offered.

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